Thursday, August 25, 2011

Betong Trip--Eat, Play, Look

Reason for such a post title:
Eat: The ‘peace villages' at Betong had lotsa tropical fruits and vegetables. And so we ate non stop.
Play: Not that there are any games or such facilities. It's more about the concept of travelling to another place and getting away from the petty worries of life.
Look: After visiting the Communist's former camp, we had a bit of sightseeing. More photos and words below.

Right, back to the point. I did enjoy the scenery very much. The weather was so cold and the skies so misty, that it was as if I was in another country. We had a scrumptious dinner, with three types of vegetables, planted by the villagers themselves. At night, we had a feast of tropical fruits. The rambutans were large, and the flesh was thick and sweet. The durian trees were laden with fruit, and we heard thumping sounds as ripen durians dropped on the ground.

Halfway up the hill, we stopped at a hot spring.

Cooking eggs in the hot spring. The eggs were half-boiled as we did not immerse them for a long time. 

The sculpture of a mythical beast ( I think its a dragon) overlooking the pool.

Found this weird-looking plant, with bell-shaped flowers hanging upside down!

No, I did not bring my cat with me. This is a cat I tried to befriend at the eatery. It looked almost the same as my cat, but it was quite aggressive! It tried to bite me as I stroked it, and even placed its front paws on our lap (claws drawn) as we were having our meal!

I love the mist. But the weather was very very cold (by my standards) approaching sunset.
As we were walking towards the guide's house (to enjoy a feast of rambutans), we came across these pagoda-style pavilions. The timing was just right as it began to rain at that moment, and we had to take shelter.

I felt as though I was in China. "Now I understand how did those chinese poets come up with so many poems." I told my parents. Indeed, looking at the scenery below made me feel like coming up with a poem and reciting it, impromptu style. Too bad I don't have their talent!

It rained for so long, such that our plan was cancelled. However the hospitable villagers made sure that we still had our rambutan feast--back at our lodgings.

Felt 'syok-sendiri' and tried to take a picture of myself, but it was getting dark, and the cold wind was whipping my hair about, not to mention the rain which was beating down, and we could not stay for long.

We stayed for one night, and returned home the next day.

Was this a great trip? Here's my conclusion.

Betong is a great place, if:
1) You are a history buff, who wants to know more about our country's past, i.e. when the Malayan Communist party was rampant and active.
2) You spend the months of July and August gorging on durians, rambutans, and mangosteens.
3) You love veggies. Big, fat, green veggies.
4) You are a nature-lover.
5) You love cold weather.

Unfortunately, I fit only the first four criteria. The coldness of the place, which was in a mountainous area, quite killed the fun of the trip. Ask my classmates. I am often the first (and only one) to complain of the air-conditioning in class.

Now, how am I to survive three years in UK?


  1. Wow! Nice~ description! for the post below too! We have a nice district called Betong in Sarawak too :) Is this in Kedah?

  2. No, it's in Thailand. After the Communists signed a peace treaty with the Malaysian government in 1989, they promised to lay down arms and were given lands to settle down, in Thailand. They live villages known as '平安村‘ and depended mainly on farming and trade. There are a few villages of this sort, I think.